Are you willing to relocate to Egypt Cairo for work or living ?

11th February 2018 | by Comfort Team

Overseas shipping is rather expensive, especially in Cairo. Often, expats find it cheaper to buy new items in Egypt than to ship items. Import taxes can be as high at 35- 55% depending on the worth of the item.

Expats who want to relocate will find that there are a number of movers in Egypt that offer competitive prices; however, it is recommended to get quotes from at least two removal companies to get the best deal

Egyptian customs are very strict in importation and exportation of firearms, religious materials, antiquities, medications, business equipment, currency, and ivory. Remember, Egyptians are primarily Muslims; it is prohibited to import pornographic materials and any anti-Islamic religious materials.

Expats need to have a work visa/permit from Egyptian authorities at least three months and prior to the arrival of the shipment in Egypt. When relocating to Egypt, all shipments are subject to 100% inspection. Importing household goods and personal effects in Egypt are dutiable except for expatriates employed in the government sector and in the private sector.

A Letter of Guarantee is needed to approve all removals to Egypt that states shipments will be re-exported back to the exporter’s home country.

Cost of Living in Egypt

Egypt is known among tourists for its history and archaeological discoveries. For expats, it’s all about fresh beginnings surrounded by mystique that makes moving more exciting.

Although you can use dollars when shopping or paying bills, money in Egypt comes in the form of the Egyptian Pound or LE, which is equivalent to one hundred pilasters. The value of the LE against the US dollar has been rather dynamic over the years, sometimes reaching 18 LE against the dollar.

Cash is the usual mode of payment for nearly all purchases, but in hotels and a few selected grocery stores, restaurants and shops, credit cards are accepted. Although sometimes possible, check payments are rare. When handling money in Egypt, it is best to be prudent.

Housing and Utilities

Monthly rent for a classy furnished apartment in class # A Compound such as Kattamia Heights compound in New Cairo, Egypt is between US$ 3000- 4000 , High Speed Internet such as 8 Mega unlimited cost US$ 45/month.

For more pricing and cost living in Egypt country please contact us at or visit our E-Hot line and we will be more than happy to answer your question.


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