Stunning Apartment In Zamalek -?? Egypt

11th February 2018 | by Comfort Team

Zamalek is an affluent district of western Cairo encompassing the northern portion of Gezira Island in the Nile River. The island is one of the most preferable area for expats to live as it has all services they looking for in walking distance!

Its amazing what all you can fit in a small incredible apartment 2 BR (125 sq.m) if you just use a little creativity. I hope this is a high standard quality apartment satisfy your requirements.

Under-stated character ➡this type of design makes an apartment look like a house. Clean, sharp, social, modern, easy to use, has everything you need for luxury life style!

Block it out ➡ For modern apartments and ultra modern apartments, you can’t go wrong with an ultra-modern gloss kitchen/dinning room/bedrooms in striking real oak and stainless.

For all international companies ➡Expats need to live in Zamalek ?Now you can ask for ?? Stunning Apartment In Zamalek. ➡

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